The teen sensation New Moon  get’s a massive step down from it’s first outing Twilight, as the love tween-love posed starts Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson go at it again. Let’s start from the very beginning on the film.

The film begins with Bella (Stewart) and Edward (Pattinson) go to Bella’s eighteenth birthday party, held at Edwards “mansion”, with all his bloodsucker family members there. What they didn’t expect to happen was Bella’s cutting herself accidentally with paper and thus bleeding, setting off an alarm in one of the vampire’s minds, making them want to attack. The First thing I didn’t like about this movie was how less photogenic it appears to be when compared to the first film. A lot of the nice lighting ffects and shady gloom was taken out of this film, maybe to give it a more up-lifitng feel? Well, this doesn’t work. The film’s plot was meant to be dark and gloomy, but I think the actors and directors tried their best to divert from such a gloomy persona, and that was their first of many mistakes.

Another aspect of the film that went wrong was the acting. Of couse, Stewart and Pattinson put on a remarkable performance, but putting them aside leaves the film with a bittersweet cast that just barely proves to be satisfying enough. One of the most famous actors, and one that many critics expected to be very promising, was Taylor Lautner himself, and hey, he even got his own spot on the poster! Great! So that means he’s a new “major” character right? Yes! That means he’s a good actor, right? No. Sadly enough, Taylor Lautner puts on a mediocre performance that falls short of OK. He seems like the kind of actor that should just stick to television performances or maybe even being recruited to Disney Channel (becuase we all know Miley Cyrus is such a good actress right?).  The rest of cast leaves more to be said, but I want this review to be as short as possible.

Overall, I’m going to sum up more of the film. The plot is derived from a good book, and the plot is good as well, but the variations from the book cannot be avoided, and although sometimes for the better, there are just some things you can’t leave out. The acting could have been loads better, but at the same time, Stewart and Pattinson save the film with their graceful performances…but with such little chemistry together in the film, you can’t help but realize that without enough Cullen, the movie series is going down the drain, and this movie had nowhere near enough Cullen. The mood of the film leaves more to be desired, with a movie that tries too hard not be gloomy.  Overall, the movie really was a disappointment, it could have been loads better, but at the same time, it couldn’t have been any worse. This movie is for die-hard fans, I mean, DIE-HARD ONLY. If you didn’t read the book, or if your not a regular Twilight/New Moon fanatic, I suggest not seeing this movie.

  • Sound: 5/10
  • Acting: 3/10
  • Action: 4.5/10
  • Story: 6/10
  • Humor: 4/10
  • Visuals: 3/10
  • Unique Taste: 3/10
  • Tilt: 2/10
  • Lasting Appeal: 7/10

Overall Score:     37.5/90    =    41%  (Bad)