Could this be possible? A modern-day punk band actually achieveing a masterpiece? Ladies and Gentlemen, this is more true than anything else in the world. Gallows have delivered a near-perfect record that almost improves upon their first one in every aspect, and the great thing is, there weren’t even that many things bad with the first one! In fact, it’s currently one of my favorite records! So with this one being better, you can only expect what I’m about to say.

This punk band and record is perfect.

The record starts of with the song,  The Riverbank, which starts off with a nice fade-in and leads to a ballad to will make your ear-drums explode with angst! The next song, and probably the best song on the record itself, is London is The Reason. It’s a great song that starts off with a nice drum solo and leads to a brutal intro that will leave you speechless, with Frank Carter and his amazing way to get you pumped on and off the stage.

I recently had a chance to go see Gallows when they opened up for AFI back on November 7th, here at the Rivera Theater in Chicago, Illinois. It was probably one of the craziest and most energetic shows I had ever been to in my life. Gallows knew all the right things to do to get the crowd pumped, by starting a circle pit, to crowd surfing, and the band themselves getting in the crowd to taste a piece of the action. There was even an instance where Frank Carter, the singer, dived into the crowd off of a balcony. A balcony!

So it’s quite evident that Gallows are a very raw and energetic band, which makes them stand out in a way. Their first album, Orchestra of Wolves, was a sure-fire hit, with loads of angst and rebellion, but it didn’t really stand out when compared to other hardcore punk records ot just punk bands in general. But this record puts Gallows in a position where tey can either embrace heir new, more edgy punk sound, or they can continue down the path of becoming another scene-punk band. I’m sure glad Gallows chose the first option.

In all actuality, Gallows could create a full acoustic record, and it’d still be filled with angst and energy.

Some other choice picks off of this damn good record is Leeches, which is just a great song to headbang to, or mosh to if you ever have the privelege to see them live. The Vulture (Acts I&II)  is a slow acoutic number that just seems so right, and it’s placing on the middle of the record wasa good choice. It was sort of like a heavenly break from all the madness before it, and a prelude to all the madness that would follow it. A great song is The Great Forgiver, which is probably the most melodic rock song on the album, and it’s a great one at that. The albums closer, Crucifucks, is a great way to end the album with a great, angsty closing which leads to a soft fade-out…7 minutes of pure magic.

So what do I think of the album overall? I think the album is so close to perfect, you can taste the blood you’ll find on your body after seeing these guys live. It’s a contender for my Album of the Year award, and if it wins, it will have deserved it. If you don’t own this album, pick it up now!

Tracks listing with Scores:

  • The Riverbank: 10/10
  • London is the Reason: 10/10
  • Leeches: 10/10
  • Black Eyes: 9/10
  • I Dread the Night: 9.5/10
  • Death Voices: 9/10
  • The Vulture (Acts I&II): 10/10
  • The Riverbed: 10/10
  • The Great Forgiver: 10/10
  • Graves: 8/10
  • Queensberry Rules: 9.5/10
  • Misery: 10/10
  • Crucifucks: 10/10

Total Score:  125/130  =   97%   (Excellence!)