Rules and Regulations

This site can be about anything, but please refrain from posting anything inappropriate. Vulgar posts that include links to nudity, bad references, or broken links will be immediately deleted with no toleration. That user will also be banned from ever viewing our site again, or simply a temporary blog, dependent on the magnitude of the post.

The Creator and The Boss (the lead administrators of the site), also will not tolerate the reproduction of game reviews, movie reviews, or any posts as such. If reproduction of said posts occur, the user who reproduced the posts will be reported to the head office of WordPress, and most likely be banned from WordPress for life.

Also, for now, do not make requests for any reviews. This topic is being discussed between The Creator and The Boss, and if requests are made legal, a separate page section will be produced.

More rules will be conjured soon. Be sure to stay on best behavior, or banishment is inevitable.


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