New England Patriots

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Well, the NFL season is around the corner, a good week left till Pre-Season! So, I’m going to take every team in the NFL, and determine their W-L Ratio based on my sole opinion of each matchup. Every week, I’ll add a new team. Here we go, here’s my predictions for the NE Patriots:

  • Week 1: Bengals vs Patriots: W            1-0

The Benglas have taken their team to a new level. By adding some nice weapons on offense, and having a really nice defense, I’m sure they’ll be a playoff contendor. But when playing the NE Pats, your really playing a Super Bowl caliber team if they’re at they’re best, which they will be. I’m giving the win to the Pats, but not by much. A 24-17 win for the Pats sounds justifiable. But…there’s a twist. If we see a return of Wes Welker, we may see something along the lines 33-17, or 33-24. A much higher scoring game.

  • Week 2: Patriots vs Jets: L            1-1

I expect the Patriots to open the season with a nice win at home, but in New York, it may not happen. It really all depends. In all truth, teams within divisons know each other better. The Pats know the Jets a lot better than the Bengals and Chargers knew them. The Patriots have a slim chance at winning at New York, but I don’t see it happening. If NE can try and commit NO turnovers (which is hard against a Jets defense), then they have a nice chance. I see a 27-20 loss for the Pats.

  • Week 3: Bills vs Patriots: W            2-1

Not much to be said. The Bills visit the Pats, Pats come away with a big win. 48-14 is my score for the Pats victory.

  • Week 4: Patriots vs Dolphins: L            2-2

The Dolphins have progresses, and made themselves into a better team on all sides of the ball. Their defense if very nice, and they have moments on the offense that at one point last season made them look far better than the #1 Offensive Team New Orleans Saints. Plus, Ricky Williams contract year, last year, he may wanna beat the Pats one last time. He can make big plays, and I think he will that day. I see a 27-21 win for the Dolphins, loss for the Pats.

  • Week 5: Ravens vs Patriots: W            3-2

This will be a very close call for the pats. VERY close call. The Patriots have never done exceptionally well against the Ravens, and although they won most matchups, the Patriots lost miserably against the Ravens last year in the Postseason. Tom Brady and Randy Moss are going to have big plays. Randy will take advantage of Baltimore’s one defect on the defense, their DBs. Other than Ed Reed, no one can really match up with Randy. And I see Ed Reed getting Welker short. So, let’s expect Moss to hook up with Brady at least twice in the endzone during this game. The Pats will dodge a bullet with a 34-31 win, I believe.

  • Week 6: Patriots vs Chargers: W            4-2           

This may be another bullet the Pats dodge, it really depends on a lot of factors. Will Vincent Jackson return and play well? Does Shawn Merrimen still have any juice left after a disappointing 2009 season? Will that big OT, you know number 73, be in San Diego? I don’t know his name, but he blocks stars like Dumervil, Freeney, and others very well. Exceptionally well. He may not be playing, or may not play well. If all those questions are a yes, see an easy win for the Pats. Perhaps a 34-21 win. If the Chargers are back to being the Chargers, see something along the lines of 27-21 for the Pats.

  • Week 7: Vikings vs Patriots: W            5-2           

The Vikings are a great team, regardless on whether or not they have Favre or not. They have a lot of young talent, and know how to use it. Although the Pats win, see the likes of Adrian Peterson, Percy Harvin, and Sidney Rice having big plays. The Vikings defense is alos very good. They have sackmaster Jared Allen, and many others. See a really physical game here in Gillete. I see a 38-31 win for the Pats.

  • Week 8: Patriots vs Browns: W            6-2           

Don’t listen to Josh Cribbs. The Browns are still a joke. They haven’t added a lot of players to the roster except Jake Delhomme, and, well, he wasn’t exactly great last year. TD-INT: 8-18? And he’s supposed to be a Super Bowl- Caliber QB? No, I see Jake Delhomme making the team worse and Colt McCoy getting a lot more starts than he thought he would get. I see a 27-7 win for the Pats in Cleveland.

  • Week 9: Patriots vs Steelers: W            7-2           

The Steelers are a digressing team, and I honestly don’t see them having a winning record this season. I see a 7-9, 6-10 Steelers team right now. They lost Willie Parker, Santonio Holmes, Troy Polamalu seems prone to injury, Hines Ward isn’t getting any younger, Big Ben will be coming off of a suspension. It just doesn’t look to good for the Steelers. Most of their defense, however, is still intact. So see a physical game by the Pittsburgh defense. I see a 31-17 win for the Patriots in Pittsburgh.

  • Week 10: Colts vs Patriots: W            8-2

These guys always seem to meet up, huh? Listen, there’s really not much to say. NE and IND are going to have fun playing this one, I see it being really close. Two great teams on both sides of the ball. Two great quarterbacks. I see a nice 42-38 win for the Patriots against Peyton Manning and the Colts.

  • Week 11: Patriots vs Lions: W          9-2

Pats win. End of story. 27-10

  • Week 12: Jets vs Patriots: W            10-2

The Jets are a very defensive team. Extremely defensive. They will force turnovers, there’s no question about that. But remember, New England went 8-0 last year at home, and they play ridiculously well in Gillette. I see the Pats struggling early, but then picking up their grove near the end. I also want to see how Moss plays when being covered by Revis. They may both put on a nice show. I see a 28-17 victory for the Pats.

  • Week 13: Patriots vs Bears: W          11-2

I think the bears are going to be a very good team next year. A very good team. I see a 9-7 or 10-6 Chicago Bears team. But I see a 14-2 New England Patriots team. There’s no doubt in my mind the Patriots will win, but there’s no doubt in my mind that they will win by only one posession. I see a physical, defensive game. A lot of turnovers for both teams. I see a 17-14 win for the Patriots. This may be the Patriots’ toughest game this year.

  • Week 14: Packers vs Patriots: L          11-3 

This is going to be a very good game. Both sides of the ball, offense and defense, are going to play great. It’s going to be a close call. A 24-21 win for the Packers. The Patriots will fall to almight might that is Charles Woodson and Green Bay Defense. The GB DB’s are simply terrific and their rush is great. They have a pitch-perfect defense, and I think they have the chance to be the team to beat in the postseason and Super Bowl.

  • Week 15: Patriots vs Bills: W            12-3

Pats win in Buffalo. 35-10

  • Week 16: Dolphins vs Patriots: W            13-3

The Patriots will finish the season strong. Wes Welker will have a big day, like he always does against this team. I see him with 10+ receptions, 150+ yards, and perhaps a TD. For some strange reason, New England only found Welker in the endzone four times last year. The King of the YAC deserves more points. I see a 42-21 win for the Patriots. But, we may see the Pats bring out backups after/if they score 30+ pts, or if Belichick even wants to play starters. If he plays starters, I see a win. If not…we may also have a win. It depends on how good or bad the Phins are offensively. Defensively, they’ll be fine. But the fact that Vonte Davis is the only decent DB they have, a lot of pass plays from the Pats.


Demos, Demos, Demos!

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I had a fun day in Wal-Street today. Yes, I was able to get me hands on two demos of some of the most impressive Playstation 3 games out there. First, let’s take a little stroll down to Arkham Asylum and see how The Joker’s doing.

Batman: Arkham Asylum Demo Review

                     Well, this is probably the most anticipated game of the summer, and me not owning a PS3 deprived me from the demo’s intensity and pure fun. The demo is just was fun as playing the game, well, I can’t really say that since the game hasn’t really been released yet, but you get the picture. This demo featured Batman at a challenge room, with 4 different rounds needed to be passed. The first, with four henchmen ready to fight. After you’ve defeated them by dealing some awesome hits and combos, the number of enemies increases by two in every round until you eventually finish off ten opponents in round four. The gameplay is very nice and responsive. There’s really no lag. If you press square and then combo with triangle and circle, you’ll punch and then takedown in a second gap. The game’s graphics are phenomenal. It’s remanecent of cel-shaded graphics, with the amazing graphics you gain from the Unreal Engine. I honestly think the game is going to be awesome, and there’s no reason why you fans out there shouldn’t think so either.

                  One thing that i was disappointed with though were the character designs and the art direction. Although Eidos did their best to make it look like an insane asylum, I think they tried a bit too hard. It looks like they took Batmna and put him in a Resident Evil game or something. it just wasn’t batsy…at all. And the henchmen looked horrible. The body structures made them look like they were on steroids or something, and the clothing was almost as worse. One thing that I did like about character designs though were the henchmen’s faces. Some of them had Joker painted faces, which was pure win.

               The physics engine is quite nice as well. Bodies actually twisted and turned depending on how hard Batman hit them. Sometimes enemies would bounce off of walls as well. Hair stood up when enemies were electricuted, and when you fight, you could see individual pebbles being kicked around as you ran. It was just wonderful. Overall, this game is going to be really nice, and I can’t wait to pick it up, if i plan on getting a PS3.

Overall Demo Score:  90/100  (90%) Outstanding!

The other demo review will be up soon! Stay tuned!

Money Masters

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Watch This:

Zelda 2010 Anticipation

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     This is The Boss (psphacker21), and I am so psyched about the new Zelda game. NOT THE DS ONE! I just want to make it clear. I mean, I don’t have anything against Spirit Tracks, but I’m talking about the one for the Wii. The new Zelda game is supposed to come out sometime in 2010, but that’s probably for Japan. Link is supposed to be older, and the characters are supposed to be more defined. I expect the world to be much larger than Twilight  Princess, and the archery and swordplay more improved. I don’t expect it to be a direct sequel to Twilight Princess, nor a direct prequel. I expect it to take place about 3-5 years after Twilight Princess. Well anyway, the pic above was unveiled @ E3, but it was in a special room, where only special people were allowed to see. Shigeru Miyamoto (creator of Zelda, Mario, and DK ya Noobz!) said that no one could video tape or take pics of it, BUT someone did. Miyamoto later released the pic public and here it is. I managed to snag a copy of the Wikipedia article on this game before it was deleted.I will try to upload the page later. I know I’m rambling on, and I congratulate you if you actually read this far, on our humble website!