Rebirth, renewal, and redone.

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It’s been a good, what, six or seven months? Yeah, we’ve all been busy, but we’re going to try and make this site a lot better. I totally redid the website, and there’s a lot more to be done. A Sports category will be made, along with other things.


New Post Coming Soon

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Hey it’s The boss ( psphacker21), and I just wanted to let you know that I’m currently making a review on The Angry Video Game Nerd. Check back often for the Post. In the meantime, check out our Outside Link to his site.



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New Gears function added to help the site run faster and smoother.

Also, new forum site has been made. To access, visit page at top of site, or scroll down to outside links and click “SJP Forums”.

More updates will be made and posted up soon.


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New Tag Cloud and Top Clicks features added. Tag Clouds keep tracks of popular tags made on blogs, forums, art, etc. Top Clicks are a record that will keep track of links on the site that are clicked on the most, or obtaining the most views. This may also include posts.

The site is still under heavy construction, new updates will be posted as soon as possible.

Possible Forum / Members

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A Forum page is one of the main projects that The Creator and The Boss are working on. The Creator and The Boss are the current administrators for the website, and they are considering recruiting new moderators / contributors. If you are interested, please E-Mail The Boss, his address can be found on his page at the top of the site. You will only be recruited if The Creator and The Boss either know or trust you.

Thank you for your time, more features will be produced soon.


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The site is under heavy construction. New updates will be posted soon.