The Hangover

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Twists and turns makes this movie a sure-fire hit.

The Hangover is the kind of movie you watch when you feel like you want to know what can happen in one night, all the consequences and joys, all the love and hate, just anything that can happen all in one night. The Hangover, featuring Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, and Zach G., is a funny take on what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Strangely enough, this comedy is actually pretty mature at times, not influenced by pointless cursing or sex scenes like most teenage comedy garbage. It’s a far better fim, more polished, and more work definetely went into it. The screenplay and plot is what shines the most in the film, including a beautiful cast with great acting from everyone. At times, especially the first 30 minutes, the movie was quite dull and really not funny, and those times are where the film can be frowned upon.

But in all reality, no one can watch this film and honestly say they didn’t have a good laugh druing or after the film.

Although it’s no masterpiece, it’s not a pile of trash or anything but those means either. It’s just an overall positive film with some shortcomings that could have been more costly than they actually were. If your a lover of comedy films, or just a lover of films in general, due yourself a favor and at least rent this movie, becuase I guarentee you’ll have a good laugh later.

  • Sound: 7/10
  • Acting: 10/10
  • Action: 8/10
  • Story: 10/10
  • Humor: 9/10
  • Visuals: 7/10
  • Unique Taste: 6/10
  • Tilt: 8/10
  • Lasting Appeal: 8/10

Overall Score:   73/90     81%  (Good)


Set Your Goals: This Will Be The Death of Us

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SetYourGoals-ThisWillBeTheDeathOfUs.jpg image by punxgal

Set Your Goals has proven that they are a force to be reckoned with in the Pop-Punk scene, and this album only makes that force stronger.

With the release of TWBTDOU, Set Your Goals has evolved more as a band. I think that Set Your Goals just may very well be the future of the pop-punk/hardcore-pop scene. They function together as a band very nicely in unison, and that’s especially hard considering that they have two different vocaslist. The guitar riffs differ from each other, both bringing different things to the table, and finally making other bands relaize why there’s even another guitar in there. The bassist does a nice job of realizing that even though you play bass, that doesn’t mean you have the easiest part in the band, as his riffs can go from nice and subtle to brutal and menacing. And the drummer, probably the most talented in the band.

Their intro song, which has the same name as the album, couldnt be a stronger opener. The drum intro is heaven to anyone’s ears, and the voacals get better and better with each passing second of the song. Although Set Your Goals doesn’t do too much to set themselves apaart from other vocalists in the pop-punk scene, their vocals fit so perfectly with the music that I can’t coplain too much, as I love it anyway. The next great song on the album is Summer Jam. It has such a nice beat to it, and the lyrics are about them touring with each other kind of like AFI’s 6 to 8, except with A LOT more pop.

The next song on the album that really stood out (not that the rest of the great songs are bad), was The Few that Remain, which features Paramore vocalist Hayley Williams. The song is a great mix between hardcore and pop-punk music, that even incorporates some hip-hop beats midway into the song. And if you ever call Set Your Goals, “Too poppy of a band…”, you must listen to the next track, Gaia Bleeds. It’s a straight forward hardcore song with probably the best vocals on the record.

All in all, Set Your Goals hit the jackpot with this album, as it leaps miles ahead of their already good predecesor, Mutiny!. If your a fan of hardcre or pop-punk music, pick up this album now.

Tracks with Scores:

  • This Will be the Death of Us: (10/10)
  • With Hoffman Lenses We Will See the Truth: (9/10)
  • Look Closer: (8.5/10)
  • Summer Jam: (10/10)
  • Like You to Me: (9/10)
  • The Fallen… (8/10)
  • The Few that Remain: (9.5/10)
  • Equals: (10/10)
  • Gaia Bleeds:  (10/10)
  • Flawed Methods of Persecution and Punishment: (9/10) 
  • Arrival Notes: (9.5/10)
  • Our Ethos: (9.5/10)

Overall Score:    93%   (Outstanding!)