It’s been three years since a fully-fledged A Fire Inside record. This album really came out of nowhere, and I’m really liking what I’m hearing. Crash Love is definetely one of AFI’s most unique approaches, and to think, many critics and fans thought that they could have gotten any more unique after Decemberunderground. But AFI have really pulled something out of the bag with this one. Every album has it’s ups and downs, but AFi were able to overlook the negative reviews and hate from their past, and not get cocky from most of the praise and fans. and move on to almost twenty years of rocking it out, and this album really brings out the true shine these vets have to offer to the Alternative scene.

This record really feels complete, in a sense that they sort of compile AFI beats from all records. If you listen closely, you can hear reminecent things from even the 90’s, like the album’s song, Sacrilege. This song has a very punk-vibe to it, and is nostalgic for those who have been long time AFI fans. People also loved the Alternative side of AFI which was really during the early 2000’s, like AoD and Sing the Sorrow. Something you don’t really see in this record is an electronic vibe. The band seems to have moved on from that sound, which was extremely abundant in their past album. They have been able to produce a full rock album, and it’s a success. The full rock vibe even kicks in with the album opener, Torch Song, which is a complete achievement in it’s own. The album is not too short either, but doesnot linger on.

Overall, the record is a success. Is it a spiritual sequel to Sing the Sorrow? No. This album has an identity of it’s own. An identity that deserves a great deal of positive reception in the rock community. It compiles nostalgic AFI music, with mid-career blowouts, and new ballads that you’ll find humming to yourself constantly. This album could not have been better, and I think that AFI really hit the jackpot with this one.

Tracks with Scores:

  • Torch Song: 10/10
  • Beautiful Thieves: 8/10
  • End Transmission: 8/10
  • Too Shy To Scream: 8.5/10
  • Veronica Sawyer Smokes: 7.5/10
  • Okay, I feel Better Now: 9/10
  • Medicate: 10/10
  • I Am Trying Very Hard To Be Here: 10/10
  • Sacrilege: 10/10
  • Darling, I Want to Destroy You: 9/10
  • Cold Hands: 8.5/10
  • It Was Mine: 9.5/10

Overall Score: 108/120 =    90% (Outstanding!)