We Don’t Need to Whisper? I think that this band should’ve, because this crap hurts my ears. Seriously, this record couldn’t have been worse. You have Tom DeLonge, from epic punk rock band Blink-182 (whom which I loved), and a bunch of other nobodies, in this band…. what else could be a better disaster? Not saying that there’s anything bad with Tom and the nobodies, becuase they were amazing in their past bands, but this record is an all time low. It really is. Take a Star Trek nerd, let him have sex with punk music, and this record is it’s offspring. They fused horrible guitar and drum work with cheesy, sub-par lyrics that you’ll never find humming to yourself. Seriously, I currently use the CD as a coaster. It’s horrible, don’t buy it.

Tracks with scores:

  • Valkyrie Missle (2/10)
  • Distraction (0/10)
  • Do It For Me Now (2/10)
  • The Adventure (5/10)
  • A Little’s Enough (2/10)
  • The War (0/10)
  • The Gift (1/10)
  • It Hurts (4/10)
  • Good Day (2/10)
  • Start The Machine (1/10)

Overall Score:   19 / 100   =    19% (The Worst)