This is The Boss’s (psphacker21) review on The Angry Video Game Nerd. AVGN is all about an angry, foul-mouthed, nerd that has nothing to do but play $h1tty video games. That’s what makes it so hilarious! These games are not like the games we play today, but retro games like NES, Atari 2600, Coleco Vision, etc. The AVGN’s name is James D. Rolfe, he also has a Wikipedia. James has reviewed many games from Castlevania: Simons Quest (NES) to The Terminator (many different platforms). His Videos are from about 15 minutes to 20 minutes, so he doesn’t skimp out. Jame’s website is updated about every two weeks. I’m pretty sure that this is his sixth year being invited to E3. James swears so much that he makes up his own swears. I cant repeat them here, but just watch some of his videos. I strongly suggest watching The Power GloveDragon’s Lair, or my favorite Deadly Towers. Please keep in mind that James swears about 50 times an episode, so this is one of the online shows that you watch when your parents aren’t around, or if your older. YouTube has some videos, but after his fourth online review on YouTube, ScrewAttack invited him to have his own section on their website and has since been employed by MTV Networks’ GameTrailers.com. Since then, his videos are GameTrailers exclusives. I would advise going to Jame’s website instead of YouTube, because he has all of his videos in chronological order.

Funniness: (10/10)

Ingenuity: (9/10)

Swearing: (11/10)

Angry Nerdiness: (11/10)

Overall: (41/40) or 102.5% A must see! If you like to laugh, click on the links below.

AVGN Wikipedia

Cinemassascre(AVGN Website)