Here’s my review for the Nintendo Wii video game, Super Mario Galaxy. Let me start off by saying that this is probably my favorite Wii game, so your going to hears a lot of pros in this review.

Here we go! First off, let’s comment on the story. The main gist of the story is like any other Mario game, Bowser kidnaps Peach and takes her to a faraway land, making Mario have to go the distance to save her. But this time, the battle is taken to the stars. Bowser and Bowser.Jr kidnap Peach and take her to a distant galaxy, and Mario must travel through many galaxies to save her. The overall story honestly never gets old, I love it.

The gameplay is quite innovative. You use the nunchuck to control Mario, and you can also shake the Wii remote to send Mario into a tornado attack, which you’ll be finding yourself doing more than often in the game. You must collect items called Star Bits, and you can use these items to launch at your opponents. You can also use your shake attack to fight them as well. You can, of course, bump attack as well. Overall, the gamplay is fun and creative, and will appeal to hardcore and casual gamers.

The graphics in this game are simply beautiful. Really, the best graphics I have ever seen on the Wii, other than Metroid Prime 3. The graphics have a detailed cartoony theme that just works so well, that it’s almost strange that those kind of graphics  can even be supported by the Wii. Overall, the graphics are just plain perfect.

The stages on the game are based off of small planets found in different galaxies, and all the different playing fields are simply amazing. They are so fun to play in, that you’ll find yourself addicted in an instant. You will seriously play this game until you have either beaten ir or at least  gotten 80% into it. The game is jus too fun for Mario fans to pass up.

Overall, the game is an absolute joy to play. You’ll find yourself glued to your Wii for hours, just playing around in these fun-filled galaxies. This game will never disappoint, and it’s just the best Wii game out there.

GRAPHICS: 9.5 / 10

GAMEPLAY: 9.5 / 10

STORY: 8 / 10

SOUND / MUSIC: 8 / 10



OVERALL: 9.2 / 10    –    Outstanding!