Dragonball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi

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Well, here it is, DBZ’s first outing at a 3-D enviornment game, developed by Spike and Published by Atari. Well, the game is the fourth in the Budokai series and was released in 2005. Everybody thought it would be the best DBZ game ever, or at least an amazing one. Well, it’s not bad, but definetely no “amazing”, and let me tell you why.

The game starts off with the Story Mode, where you have to go through all the hardships that the Z Fighters had to go through. I think that this is where the game really shines. The story mode is incredibly detailed, and will take you at least 6 hours to complete, far more than any other Dragonball Z game. And they also try and cover every aspect of DBZ, including movies as well.  You have the Saiyan, Frieza, Garlic Jr., Cell, and Majin Buu sagas, along with multiple movies, like Broly, Bojak, Cooler, and more.

Let’s move onto the battling system. It’s an all new battle system for DBZ, and it’s simply lovely. It provides and open world to travel around, great space for battles, and just plain enviornments that are fun as hell to destroy. The controls are very responsive, and I think that Spike did a good job with the system and the enviornments.

Now here is where the game lacks. You have a lot of characters, I beleive over 55, 57 to be exact. Now, with all these characters, you would think that tha game would be very unique, well, it’s certainly unique, but not in a good way. This game made a terrible mistake with transformation selection. In other DBZ games, you would have to charge your Ki, and then transform into an altered state, most of the time of the better (Super Saiyan, Cell Forms, etc.). Well, in this game, if you want to be a Super Saiyan, you stay a Super Saiyan for the whole game and never revert. You would think that this would be good, unless you are facing a Super Saiyan 3, in which case you would want to level up during battle. But you cannot do that, which is a trrible thing that can ruin some great fun. You have to make sure that your opponent ot whoever you are playing with choose a character that has the same power level for maximal fun.

Overall, the game is a good one, but not the best DBZ game, (I thought Budokai 3 was) that falls from few design flaws, and one major one that can sometimes ruin battles for you. I’d at least rent it if you didn’t already own it.

  • Graphics: 7/10
  • Gameplay: 8/10
  • Story: 10/10
  • Sound / Music: 5/10
  • Lasting Appeal: 5/10
  • Replay Value: 5/10

Overall:  40  /  60        =        67%   (Not The Best)


Gallows: Orchestra of Wolves

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Long have I awaited for a band to actually bring some punk rock to this bland, soft rock world. This band has done a near-perfect job of doing so. Gallows is a nice little British band that live for punk rock music, and they are certainly allowed to in my book.

The band has only released two albums, and this was their first. I have yet to hear their second album, but this record is all I need for this talented group. They’ve revived an old sense of Punk Rock that was gone for a very long time, not seen since The Casualties (wherever they are). The band consists of four members, and they work perfectly with each other.

Although the album as a really nice vibe to it, it isn’t perfect, and let me tell you why. You see, the band hasn’t grown very unique with their style of music. I could easily go listen to the Ramones and have the same experience listening to Gallows. Another problem with the record is that a lot of the songs sound the same, musically and lyrically. The band does a good job of delivering, but they needto work more on their own style, and keeping tracks different from each other.

Overall, the album is a realy nice listen that falls short of greatness. I just hope that their newest album, Grey Britain, is better and badder than OoW, even though it would be pretty hard to follow up and album like this one.

Tracks with Scores:

  • Kill The Rhythm (8/10)
  • Come Friendly Bombs (7.5/10)
  • Abandon Ship (8/10)
  • In The Belly Of a Shark (10/10)
  • Six Years (6/10)
  • Rolling With The Punches (7/10)
  • Just Because… (7/10)
  • Will Someone… (7.5/10)
  • Stay Cold (8/10)
  • I Promise This Won’t Hurt (8.5/10)
  • Orchestra of Wolves (7.5/10)
  • Sick of Feeling Sick (7/10)
  • Black Hearts Queen (8/10)
  • Last Fight For The Leaving Dead (7/10)

Overall Score: 107 / 140    =     76%   (Fair)

Fall Out Boy breaks up?

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The apparent “breakup” of FallOutBoy is far from interesting. The band has informed their fans that they will no longer be recording new music, but simply touring. When asked if the band would ever be done for good, they reply by saying that the band will be defunct when it no longer continues to be fun.

Well, isn’t that something. They finally have their thoughts together. Their music gradually got worse with every album, it’s no wonder they would stop. I enjoyed most of their albums, but it seems that they are quickly losing their edge.

Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen

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Giant robots, explosions, and hot girls…all the perfect things you need for a hit movie, and this movie nailed it. I’ve seen this movie recieve horrible reviews, and reasons why were mainly becuase it apparently focused too much on noise and fighting. What the hell else were you going to expect from a Transformers movie? I actually was expecting it too be even more noisy than it was.  The movie was ace in my opinion. It had some awesome twists and turns that honestly no one was expecting, but hey, I’m not gonna ruin it for ya. But the following is a bit of a spoiler. The movie begins with Sam going off to College, getting his things packed at his house. Of course, he has to take out a jacket he wore during the huge battle in the first movie. There, he finds a piece of the AllSpark. That piece brings to life electronics in his home, and being the badass that he is, BumbleBee comes and destroys all of them without break a sweat of oil. Sam goes off to college, only to find that Optimus Prime needs his help once again. Decepticons have returned to wreak havoc on Earth, and bring back an old friend…you guessed it, Megatron. Megatron’s goal is to bring back The Fallen, an abandoned Prime (the family Optimus is from). You see, The Fallen wanted to take over the universe, and basically exploit his powers for evil. Well, the Primes didn’t like that. There were seven Primes, and then they kicked him out and sent him to rot. Cool, eh?

Well, this robot wants his vengeance on the Planet that the Primes first inhabited, Earth, and all the AutoBots that are in allegience with The Primes. But you see, Optimus is the only surviving Prime, if you exclude The Fallen. Megatron then does something big, Im not giving this away. So basically, Sam is then back into the storyline, and since he touched the AllSpark, his brain projects images of symbols that The Decepticons beleive lead to The Matrix, an artifact that will ignite a machine that will help the Decepticons get more power. Well, the movie is based upon this fact, and Sam and Mikayla go searching for it. Then there’s a huge battle, and something else you didn’t see coming.

Overall, the movie packs a punch. It’s got a great storyline that’ll keep you glued to the screen, and Megan Fox is an added bonus that will also keep you glued to the screen. The fights are incredible, but don’t take up the whole movie, which I enjoyed. It’s a good movie, that just got pinned for the stupidest things. It doesn’t need to follow the Transformers story as long as it’s good, which it is.


  • Sound: 7/10
  • Voice Acting: 8/10
  • Action: 9.5/10
  • Story: 10/10
  • Acting: 7/10
  • Humor: 10/10
  • Visuals: 10/10
  • Unique Taste: 7/10
  • Tilt: 8.5/10
  • Lasting Appeal: 8/10
  • Overall Score: 85 / 100   =   85%  (Great)

Angels and Airwaves: WDNTW

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We Don’t Need to Whisper? I think that this band should’ve, because this crap hurts my ears. Seriously, this record couldn’t have been worse. You have Tom DeLonge, from epic punk rock band Blink-182 (whom which I loved), and a bunch of other nobodies, in this band…. what else could be a better disaster? Not saying that there’s anything bad with Tom and the nobodies, becuase they were amazing in their past bands, but this record is an all time low. It really is. Take a Star Trek nerd, let him have sex with punk music, and this record is it’s offspring. They fused horrible guitar and drum work with cheesy, sub-par lyrics that you’ll never find humming to yourself. Seriously, I currently use the CD as a coaster. It’s horrible, don’t buy it.

Tracks with scores:

  • Valkyrie Missle (2/10)
  • Distraction (0/10)
  • Do It For Me Now (2/10)
  • The Adventure (5/10)
  • A Little’s Enough (2/10)
  • The War (0/10)
  • The Gift (1/10)
  • It Hurts (4/10)
  • Good Day (2/10)
  • Start The Machine (1/10)

Overall Score:   19 / 100   =    19% (The Worst)

Alkaline Trio: Godamnit!

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This is a review for the album Godamnit! by musical group Alkaline Trio. This was the trio’s first outing on a full-length record, and it packs a punch. A lot of bands do horribly on their first outing, and then improve upon their mistakes. This is not the case with Alkaline Trio. This talented trio was amazing from the get-go, with their first ever release, The Sundials EP. They then progressed, and former bassist Rob Doran quit the band for whatever reason, and Alkaline Trio recruited former Slapstick bassist, Dan Andriano, and I thoguht that was a huge step up.  Alkaline Trio then continued to record, and made this masterpiece. Really, Godamnit! is pure genius. The album includes punk riffs, with catchy lyrics sung by both Matt Skiba and Dan Andriano that just work perfectly with each other, and the awesome drum tunes by Glenn Porter (former Alkaline Trio drummer).  The album is almost pitch-perfect, and there’s no denying that Alkaline Trio is still as good as they were back then. This is a definite pick-up, whether your into Punk or Hip Hop, you’ll fall in love with this record.

Tracks With Score:

  • My Little Needle (10/10)
  • Cringe (9/10)
  • Clavicle (8.5/10)
  • Sorry About That (10/10)
  • Message From Kathleen (9.5/10)
  • Cop (9/10)
  • San Fran (10/10)
  • Enjoy Your Day (8.5/10)
  • Nose Over Tail (9.8/10)
  • As You Were (10/10)
  • Trouble Breathing (9/10)
  • Southern Rock (10/10)

OVERALL SCORE: 113.3 / 120 = 94% (Outstanding!)

Zelda 2010 Anticipation

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     This is The Boss (psphacker21), and I am so psyched about the new Zelda game. NOT THE DS ONE! I just want to make it clear. I mean, I don’t have anything against Spirit Tracks, but I’m talking about the one for the Wii. The new Zelda game is supposed to come out sometime in 2010, but that’s probably for Japan. Link is supposed to be older, and the characters are supposed to be more defined. I expect the world to be much larger than Twilight  Princess, and the archery and swordplay more improved. I don’t expect it to be a direct sequel to Twilight Princess, nor a direct prequel. I expect it to take place about 3-5 years after Twilight Princess. Well anyway, the pic above was unveiled @ E3, but it was in a special room, where only special people were allowed to see. Shigeru Miyamoto (creator of Zelda, Mario, and DK ya Noobz!) said that no one could video tape or take pics of it, BUT someone did. Miyamoto later released the pic public and here it is. I managed to snag a copy of the Wikipedia article on this game before it was deleted.I will try to upload the page later. I know I’m rambling on, and I congratulate you if you actually read this far, on our humble website!

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